Submit Article

Dominican Laity of the Province of Saint Albert the Great are invited to submit short articles — up to 250 words — to Veritas, the province’s quarterly newsletter. In addition to any specific requests for the upcoming issue, the following general categories are always needed:

  • Prayer — Spiritual reflections, retreat reflections, prayer tips, Liturgy of the Hours, parish/shrine profiles, saint profiles, etc.
  • Study — Book recommendations, bite-size theology, encouragement for or reflections from study, study tips, etc.
  • Preaching/Apostolate — Fraternity or individual apostolate updates, ideas, and events
  • Community — Professions, fraternity events/activities/celebrations/announcements; also: practical advice for living out the charism as a lay person, individual interviews with Lay Dominicans, news from other provinces/branches of the Order, etc.
  • Dominicana  — Dominican vocabulary, traditions of the Order, how-tos on aspects of Lay Dominican life, Dominican pilgrimage sites, Dominican art, etc.
  • Links — Links to articles by/about Dominican topics, particularly Lay Dominican authors or subjects; anything that strikes you as interesting and useful for others in the Province.

Contact Mrs. Rebecca Martin, OP, with any questions at

Please limit submission to 250 words. Text will be edited and formatted prior to publication.