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Dominican Laity of the Province of Saint Albert the Great are invited to submit short articles — up to 250 words — to Veritas, the province’s quarterly newsletter. In addition to any specific requests for the upcoming issue, the following general categories are always needed:

  • Preaching — spiritual reflections, bite-size theology, parish/shrine profiles, retreat reflections, prayer tips, evangelization, encouragement for or reflections from study, study tips, etc.
  • Dominicana  — Dominican vocabulary, traditions of the Order, how-tos on aspects of Lay Dominican life, book recommendations, Dominican pilgrimage sites, Dominican art, etc.
  • Mission — profiles of individuals & ministries, priestly fraternity, books published by lay Dominicans in our province, chapter spotlight, practical advice for living out the charism as a lay person, where faith meets life head on, December month of peace, individual interviews with Lay Dominicans, news from other provinces/branches of the Order, etc.
  • Fraternity Updates — general description of activities, celebrations, announcements, etc.

Contact Mrs. Rebecca Martin, OP with any questions —

September 2022 Veritas Theme: Dominican Governance

Articles needed:

  • Report on August 11 event in Chicago with the Master of the Order (multiple reports appreciated)
  • Personal reflection on the topic of Dominican governance and leadership
  • Article on the structure and hierarchy of the Dominican Family as a whole
  • Article on the history and nature of Dominican democratic governance

Please limit submission to 250 words. Text will be edited and formatted prior to publication.